A snapshot of our supply team and their journey through Lockdown 2020. And a happy birthday that can’t be missed….

As I sit and write, I glimpse at today’s date – June 9th, on June 10th we celebrate our 1 year anniversary! The days’, weeks’ and months’ seem to role into one as we all settle into lockdown life. But we can not let June 10th go by without a celebration!

On June 10th 2019 The Teachers’ Hub placed their first temporary worker into an assignment, it was one-day cover supervision and it was our tiny acorn that we celebrated with joy. Her name was Charlotte, she wanted to gain classroom experience before teacher training and she quickly gained that much-needed experience and was a regular cover supervisor until the end of the academic year. I am so incredibly thankful for Charlotte, and I will never forget her enthusiasm for teaching and her determination to become a qualified English teacher.

Our first year has been incredible (there has been a lot of happy dancing!) meeting new faces and building on existing relations, it has been a fantastic journey and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your support and loyalty – I truly love working with you all.

And so tomorrow, during home-schooling, trying to work and entertaining baby Hannah I will also be thinking of the incredible year we have had and the people that we have met, helped and supported along the way. We will see you all again soon, and I can’t wait for that day! In the meantime I hope you enjoy this short video, it encompasses lockdown life and how we have all kept our minds and bodies active during these difficult times.

We hope that you enjoy this short video, it captures the journey of our supply team and how we have all kept our minds and bodies busy during this very difficult time. Sound on and as always, a brew and a digestive biscuit to dunk!